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Character Biographies


Chuma comes from a long lineage of blacksmiths and wrestlers. Born into the Galesee tribe, Chuma at very young age of 12 creates impressive weapons and body armor. His mentors are fascinated with his blacksmithing and fabrication techniques. One fateful day Chuma was tasked by his mentors to fetch some supplies from a neighboring village.

In that village he met a young girl that managed to get his attention by throwing rocks at him. Chuma chased her through the village for what felt like hours. She suddenly disappeared and he remembered why he was there. He purchased the goods he came for and traveled home.

When he returned the whole village had been obliterated.

Hodari Johari

Of humble beginnings, Hodari was born to the infamous Ori clan. They’re a peaceful indigenous people who primarily specialize in shamanism, botany, medicine and astrology. They normally do not involve themselves in warfare or conflict. This does not mean that they do not have a means of self-defense or are a passive group.

One fascinating observation about the Ori clan is that they live in giant trees high above the ground. Hundreds of years ago an infestation of deadly ant-like insects plagued their former land scape. The Ori fled for the trees due to the tree sap being toxic to the ants. They have engineered elaborate homes and dwellings using the rich and lush resources of the trees.

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